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Free translator

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Free translator

Free translator

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Text Translator

In order to use the text translator, type or paste the text you want to translate (upto 150 words) in the text box. If you need to use a special character (e.g.  á, ä, ç), you can get it by clicking the buttons below the text box. Then choose the languages: for example, if you want to translate a text from the spanish language to the english language, choose 'English to spanish' from the pop-up menu. Finally, click the 'Translate Text' button. The translated text will be shown in a new window.

Web Page Translator

In order to use the web page translator, type or paste the web page address in the text box: for example, ''. Then choose the source language and the target language and, finally, click the 'Translate Web Page' button. The translated page will be shown.

Other Translators

Apart from the translator on this page, you can use the other selected translators on the 'More Translators' panel. This way it will be easier for you to understand the translated text.

Machine Translation

Always bear in mind that machine translation is not accurate. Thus use it carefully for texts that require an exact translation, for example legal or technical ones. In order to improve the translation quality, please write phrases in a simple style, using words as common as possible.

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