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genus pyrethrum
genus pyrocephalus
genus pyrola
genus pyrophorus
genus pyrrhula
genus pyrrhuloxia
genus pyrrosia
genus pyrularia
genus pyrus
genus pythium
genus python
genus pyxidanthera
genus quamassia
genus quassia
genus quercus
genus quiscalus
genus rachycentron
genus radiigera
genus radyera
genus raffia
genus raja
genus ramalina
genus ramphomicron
genus rana
genus ranatra
genus rangifer
genus ranunculus
genus raoulia
genus raphanus
genus raphia
genus raphicerus
genus raphus
genus ratibida
genus rattus
genus rauvolfia
genus rauwolfia
genus ravenala
genus recurvirostra
genus regalecus
genus regnellidium
genus regulus
genus reithrodontomys
genus remilegia
genus reseda
genus retama
genus reticulitermes
genus retrophyllum
genus rhagoletis
genus rhamnus
genus rhapis
genus rhea
genus rheum
genus rhexia
genus rhincodon
genus rhinoceros
genus rhinonicteris
genus rhinoptera
genus rhipsalis
genus rhizobium
genus rhizoctinia
genus rhizophora
genus rhizopogon
genus rhizopus
genus rhodanthe
genus rhododendron
genus rhodosphaera
genus rhodymenia
genus rhus
genus rhyacotriton
genus rhynchoelaps
genus rhyncostylis
genus rhynia
genus ribes
genus richea
genus richmondena
genus ricinus
genus rickettsia
genus riparia
genus rissa
genus rivina
genus rivulus
genus robinia
genus roccella
genus roccus
genus rodolia
genus romneya
genus roridula
genus rorippa
genus rosa
genus rosellinia
genus rosmarinus